Monday, February 25, 2008

No Prison, But Plenty of Boxes

You know, one of these days, I'll actually post some pictures on this site again. That's my goal, anyway.

I have to thank everyone who shopped with me this past week. We took in a respectable amount of money, one of my vendors has secured a few large accounts, and I'm about to be surrounded with boxes. Yes, fun lovers - Yarny Goodness is packing up and shipping out. Well, not me, but the packages.

I also have yet another announcement. Hubster just informed me that, once and for all, the problems with checkout are fixed. To quote: "It was really a fucking bug in fucking Microsoft's fucking Internet fucking Explorer."

Now he's applauding, waving his arms like he's dong the Funky Chicken, and generally preening. Which he's entitled to do.

Oh... and he's also slapping his thighs. Next he'll want to have sex.

From now on, all shop announcements will be on the Yarny Goodness blog. Please go over there to see what's up. I'll try and get a button up on this site to facilitate getting over there, but for now:

It's still not finished, but just ignore the total lack of stuff on the sidebar. The picture you see on the slideshow (which doesn't slide because there's just that one picture) isn't even of stuff for sale. It's just yarn in my stash. Hubster was testing it out, and I've been too busy to do anything about it.

I've also begun a Ravelry group for the shop. It's called... are you ready for my brilliance?... Yarny Goodness. Yawn.

The last thing I'll say is that tomorrow night is a shop update. Now we're done with shop business on this blog.

I had to cancel my prison visit today because we were both exhausted. What I feared would happen, did. Hubster started acting like he used to when he was off his meds. I knew it was because he didn't have enough sleep, but trying to tell him that was like putting a thong on a 400-lb. transvestite. He finally just passed out on the couch. I was all set to knit a few rows and go to bed, but I never made it. I woke up this morning around 11:00 a.m. with my knitting clutched in my hand and my big lard ass parked firmly in the Monster. At least we're both in much better moods today. The constant fighting was beginning to wear me down. He's back at work, trying to fix the possibly unfixable, and I'm hard at work doing shop stuff. I hated to cancel - I haven't seen my boys in three weeks - but there was just no way we were going to make it. Chances were pretty good that Hubster would have fallen asleep while driving, and I wouldn't have known because I would have been asleep, too. Better safe than sorry.

So here I sit, catching up on a few things before I begin loading boxes. Then I have to... oh shit, I'm doing it again. No shop stuff.

It's been a boring day. The sun is shining (sigh), the Yarn Fairy delivered nothing good (double sigh), and Hubster wants pizza for dinner (I wanted Cheesesteak Factory, but I don't think that's happening). I do have to hit the grocery store for a few things, but that's about it. I guess he deserves to have what he wants for dinner, seeing as how I didn't do shit for his birthday. I'm hoping we can go to the City for dinner this week. I just saw on the news that there was a shooting at Joe's Crab Shack at Fisherman's Wharf, which is right across the street from the restaurant where we usually eat. I could have been sitting there enjoying Lobster Thermidor and watching hot police action. How much better does live entertainment get?

I'm sorry for being so boring, but there really isn't anything going on. It's going to be sunny and warm all week (I want a storm - not like the "monster" storm that was supposed to hit this weekend and fizzled like usual), so that means I have to water the potted plants or they'll die. The poor things have been stuck in their pots for nine months as it is instead of being planted in the ground. If I were smart, I'd plant them now while the soil is nice and soft, but being smart (or at least having common sense) isn't my forte. Besides, I hate digging holes. So I'll camp out at my dining room table, which is serving as my workstation until I get the studio completely cleaned up (where have I heard that one before?), doing the stuff I'm not talking about here anymore, watching TV, and eating pizza that I don't really want.

But at least I'm in my snowman jammies.


Laura Neal said...

A thong on a 400 lb transvestite? OMG! I nearly fell out of my chair!
Over here my computer is doing something freaky...maybe it is time to get out the hammer!

Rabbitch said...

I'm glad you got some rest.

My jammies have sheep on them. There's also a set with teddybears but those suck.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Hehe... I'm glad you got a kick out of that, Laura. I always go for the visual myself. ;) Get that hammer ready. When they go, they go.

I like the sound of your jammies, Rab. I don't have any sheepy jammies, but I do have hunting dogs, panda bears, cardinals, a log cabin, bluebells, and a bunch of other ones. It's cold for us - down in the 40's at night (I know you're laughing your ass off at that one), so they're all a light flannel on the bottom and heavy cotton on the top. I'm sorry your teddy bears suck - I need to get myself a pair of teddy jammies.