Friday, February 29, 2008

I've put Pam Away

Howdy all, Hubster here.

Well, Pam's been going like crazy setting up the inventory, tagging and updating books. She's been going non-stop doing all of this since early this morning, and it's nearly morning again. If she doesn't get a bit of rest, she'll be as crazy as me, and that's not a pretty sight.

So, I've sent her off to bed. After she's had a bit of rest, she'll be working on the picture taking of the new stock, and will begin the laborious procedure of uploading pictures either late tomorrow night or early on the next day. Why is this taking so long??? Because there's over 200 new items..... they may not all go up at once, but I've seen all sorts of yarny happiness that I'm certain will make for some very happy yarny days ahead.

Take care,


Tara (aka AbbysMomma) said...


Thanks for taking care of our Pam for us. :) Hope you are taking care of you as well.

Hugs to both of you.

Martina said...

Hi Mark

Ditto to the above, I think sometimes you just need to put your foot down with our Pam or she will keep going until she makes herself really ill.
Hugs, Sheryl

Crafty Pancakes said...

You both work soo hard! Go take a nap with her. Thanks to both of you for the great new online shop.

Laura Neal said...

That is so sweet! I am glad you are there to take care of her. You both need some down time and the shop will wait, we understand the need for sleep! Take care both of you.

Anni said...

Pleased to hear you're making Pam have a rest Mark. Looking forward to seeing all hte new yarns.