Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hi all -

This is hubster here... Pam is trying to relax and knitting in the Monster. I've fixed the login weirdness on the Yarny Goodness website. The problem turned out to be that the server was storing the session identifier across accesses to the store. In effect, if it showed you as being "someone else", then that "someone else" was the last person on your particular server to have successfully logged in.

I've taken care of that problem as well as several others:

* Some vendors were unable to create an account on the system because we had pre-populated your ids without passwords. When you tried to create your own account, it would tell you that your email was already in the system. It should work just fine for you now.

* There were a few nits such as "SPI" was fat-fingered by me as "STI", and the yarn/roving weight and length were identical. So now we properly show stitches per inch as SPI, length is the length, and weight is the weight.

* The "continue shopping" link from the shopping cart also was a bit inconsistent depending upon how you entered the cart and whether or not you modified the cart while there. This problem has been fixed as well.

So... what does all of this mean?

You can now safely shop and fill your cart with the items that you want. When we finally get the PayPal kinks out (hopefully by tonight sometime) you'll be able to pay for your yarny desires.

Go fill up those carts, and we'll soon be able to accept your money, after which you'll soon have all sorts of yarny happiness in your hands.



Martina said...

Hi Mark

Sorry to tell you but the continue shopping button and the checkout button are still not working.


Sorcha said...

Pam, I am sending you 2 virtual chocolate martinis in edible spun sugar glasses with Lemon wafer coasters... YOU decide when Hubster can have his!
Chin up girl, it will all work out.

Marin (AntiM) said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go Hubster!

Your enabling of my yarny habits only makes me love you more.