Friday, February 8, 2008

The New Official GRAND OPENING and Contest Information

Greetings, my dear friends and family!

First of all, the new Grand Opening date is:

Saturday, February 16, 2008
12 noon PST

As for the contests, the same Lorna's will apply as I said in my last post except with larger amounts of yarn at stake. The first customer will receive six (6) skeins (three of each color); the second customer will receive four (4) skeins (two of each color); the third customer will receive two (2) skeins (one color). These are paying customers who have purchased something.

There will be a guest book for everyone to sign when they enter the store. In order to be eligible for the contests, you must have signed the guest book. I'll take my winners from there. On the hour every hour, beginning at 1 p.m., I will choose a random customer for a skein of yarny goodness. You don't have to buy anything for this. I will do this until 6 p.m., which will be my last drawing.

Throughout the day, there will be random prizes given away as I feel like doing it. You won't know if or when I'm doing it. The prizes will vary based on what I want to give out at that particular moment - yarn, notions, etc. It will be good stuff, I promise you.

In order to win the $50 gift certificate, I will use a random number generator at the end of the day. The winner will be contacted via email.

Now for the big prize which you have to work for. Please leave your answers as comments on the next blog entry which will be dedicated just for that. Here's what you have to do.

Some of my vendors have decided that selling through a store isn't what they want to do right now, so they've pulled out. I've picked up some more vendors. Nobody knows who all my vendors are; I've told you a certain number, but that number changed before the ink on the page was even dry, so it doesn't matter. I will tell you that there has been significant movement. What you have to do is guess the correct number of vendors who will be with me on Opening Day. The person who hits the correct number will win a Green Mountain Knitting Bag full of yarn and notions. In case of a tie, I'll use the number generator or some other method to choose the winner. You will be notified by email.

No vendors are eligible for contest loot. No sending your friends in your place, either.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves and win lots of loot! It's my way of saying thank you for sticking with me, for shopping with me, and for the kindness and graciousness you've shown me. I am indeed blessed.

Now I'm going back to bed.


amy said...

i'm going to guess 36 - what the heck. good luck to you!

Reeva said...

I think lots of vendors would want to be in so I'll guess 42 :)

Oriri said...

Hehe, I'm going to say that however many vendors you have on opening day, you're STILL gonna sell out!

(Positive thinking for the win! *grin*)

tlnrwcs said...

My Guess is 72.

Maria said...

I guess 53! Good Luck!!!!

Anni said...

I'll have to work out when hte opening time will be in UK time. I'm gonna try hard to to win one of the prizes. They're fantastic. All that yarn.

lyn21 said...

My guess would be 18

Mildredmayo said...

I believe the number is 37. GOOD LUCK