Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wasted Days, Wasted Nights...

Crap. And I had such good intentions.

You see, I have a major sleeping problem. It's gone past insomnia. I'm literally up all night and don't go to bed until sometime the following afternoon. While that's good for things like the Loopy Ewe's Sneak-Ups, it plays hell with the rest of my life. Appointments? Difficult to get to. Knitting group? Haven't seen them in a month. Getting things done around the house? Forget it. Even though I'm awake, I think my body is saying to me, "Not in this lifetime.". All I want to do is go to sleep while it's still dark. Foggy, overcast days are the best in my book, but it's not the same as going to bed like normal people and sleeping during the night. So now I'm facing another 14 hours of being awake with shit on TV and not a lot TIVO'ed. I guess I'll get some knitting done.

But that doesn't even work all the time. You've read about my drooling, slobbering episodes in the monster. I doze, but even that is becoming a thing of the past. Maybe I'll finally stay awake all day and all night, then pass out for a day or two. If you don't see any entries, you know it finally happened.

But enough about maudlin crap. Let's talk about today's haul!

I said I was slowing down in my yarn buying. It's true. I didn't buy anything today. But things I had already paid for came in the mail today. A very heavy box from Woolgirl filled with all kinds of yarny goodness - full-sized skeins, mini-skeins to use for heels, toes, or stripes, and little gifts that Jen likes to stick in the box. An outrageously beautiful orifice hook (no, not THAT kind of orifice) for my now very dusty wheel (this thing is incredible - it's made of glass with this cool green dimensional spiral encased in the handle; I found them in the IK ads). The first-ever installment in the new Simply Socks sock club (Sleeping Dragon - the first time I've had any). A couple of counter bracelets and some stitch markers from Hide and Sheep. And a pair of new slippers from Pawfelts (you can see them on her blog - I snapped them up as soon as I saw them). And even though it has nothing to do with knitting, a gorgeous Native American flute (and here you thought all I did was rub two sticks together and stab myself in the thigh). Quite the haul, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, Hubster was home when it all arrived. He signed for one of them. He carried them all in the house. He put them on the monster. He stared at me for a long moment, then quietly walked off. That's scary. That's dangerous. That means he's about ready to say something to me about my irresponsibility, my lack of fiscal awareness, the fact that we have to save money. That's okay. I'm not joining the Zen String club until 10 this morning. Speaking of that, I counted how many clubs I belong to. Let me put it this way: I belong to more clubs than most people have sets of underwear.

So what did I do all day other than open boxes? Well, I put together a solar fountain and stuck it in the flower planter out front (problem is, it's foggy most of the time, and when the sun is out, it doesn't hit the front of the house). Duh. The fountain ran great. For 10 minutes. I may have to rethink this one. I played on Ravelry. I answered e-mail. I played on Ravelry. I read blogs. I played on Ravelry. I had some coffee. I read some more blogs. I played on Ravelry. And then I slept for three hours.

No pictures today, dear readers. But I'll have some for you tomorrow. Hubster has a doctor's appointment, so I think I'll sleep while he's gone. I'll take pictures of something during the day. You know... during those 10 minutes of sunshine.

And then I'll play on Ravelry again.

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