Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally! Pictures!

We couldn't find the camcorder thingie, but what we did find was the digital camera. Even better! Hubster and I ran over to Best Buy and bought a 1gb memory card so I can go apeshit taking pictures. You'll probably be sorry that I found the little sucker.

Since I haven't the foggiest idea of how to put text next to/around/in the near vicinity of each picture, I have to tell you, dear reader, what they are up here.

The first picture is the now infamous sleeping poncho No. 1, still unblocked and unfringed. The second picture is sleeping poncho No. 2 in the early stages. The final two pictures are the sleeping socks (they kind of look like big pasties, don't they?). The first two are made from Spunky Eclectic's Skinny Socks; the last two are made out of a mystery yarn (I'm so sorry to the lovely lady who dyed the yarn - if you're reading this and recognize your yarn, please tell me. My memory is non-existent.).

I hope you enjoy them!

1 comment:

Wool Girl said...

The poncho is soooo cute! I love these colors you chose! I can't wait to see them with the fringe! Love all of your socks in progress too! You speedy knitter!