Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Can't Believe It

Right now I'm so mad that my little bald head is radiating heat more efficiently than a space heater. I have just spent a half-hour writing my latest addition to this ongoing account of my life when I decided to preview the post. After I was done with that, I figured I could just use the back arrow to return to the main entry page and then post it. But NOOOOO. The whole damn thing crashed and burned, and I had to turn the computer off in order to make the spinning rainbow wheel go away (I have a Mac). So the entire post was lost. SHIT.

My original gripe was about incompetent and stupid people. Here's the story in a condensed version. The TKGA conference is coming to Oakland next month (about 15 minutes down the freeway). They're having some special thing where if you belong to a guild that's at least 10 years old (I posted about this already), you get a ribbon for your name badge. Besides, I thought it would be nice to belong to a group of people instead of knitting alone every night with just the TV to keep me company (Hubster is usually working, so I try to not bother him). Since I'm still a kid in a saggy, wrinkled body (yes, I still dig through the cereal box for that wonderful prize), I decided to see if any of the local guilds met that requirement. Miracle of all miracles, the town next door to mine has one. The TKGA website has a list of guilds and their contact people, so I looked up the lady who is in charge. She didn't have an e-mail addy or a blog, so I called her. No answer. I thought the whole think was kind of hinky because the number had an incorrect area code, but I thought maybe she had been given her same number with the new area code (happens al the time). So I called again, this time using our area code. I got an answering machine that belongs to another lady in the town on the OTHER side of me (I reverse looked-up the number, and the owner of the number is definitely not the lady TKGA lists). Clearly, the woman's information is out of date. Why can't they submit an update to TKGA? So I wrote TKGA a letter explaining my situation and asking them for current information on the guild. Have they answered? NOOOOO. Just to cover my bases, I also wrote a letter to the contact lady for another local guild asking how I could join. Did she answer? NOOOOO. Maybe I'll get an answer from someone next week. Maybe I'll also win the lottery. If i don't hear anything soon, I'm calling TKGA to find out what the hell is going on. SHIT. I just don't do well with incompetence or stupidity. It would seem that there are both those uh... attributes running rampant around here.

I sure wish I remembered what I said in the last post. It was witty, fun, and full of informative tidbits. Yeah. I'm also a size 2.

So did I accomplish all the things I wanted to do this weekend? Welll... ummm... no. I did pick leaves out of the fabulous 10-minute fountain. I went to buy a scale but got to the store at 9:02 p.m. (you can guess what time they closed). I bought a new mascot for the blog - an adorable little dog named Gabby who's made of socks (Etsy). I also bought a really cool T-Shit with YARNNNNN above a skull and crossbones on it (no, not from the Pirate, but rather from a link on Lime and Violet's Daily Chum page). I put on clean jammies (I don't sleep in them, but I do lounge around the house in them and ride with Hubster to the store). I ate a cheeseburger the BBQ Master (aka Hubster) grilled. I got some more yarn in the mail. And then I sat in the Monster to knit for the evening. This was at midnight. At 4 a.m., I awoke to find that I had knitted a grand total of six stitches and had drooled all over my clean jammies. Better them than the poncho, I guess. So I knitted like crazy until about 8 a.m. I'm happy to report that the poncho should be done tonight, and then I'll fringe the two of them. I'll take a picture after they're totally done, along with the backpacks I got to go with them. After that, I can return to my beloved socks.

Speaking of socks, I just joined Monkey Sock Swap 3. I would never have known about it if I didn't read Pursuit of Fiber's blog. She kindly put a link on her page. It's my first swap (I usually find out about them about a day after they've closed), and I'm really excited about it. It will be a lot of fun buying things for my pal (I love giving gifts). I know what project I'm taking on vacation! Now I can tell Hubster that I MUST go to Rodeo Drive to find a monkey thingie for my pal. Maybe that will work. Maybe he'll buy me a Bentley tomorrow, too.

So today, I'm going to go back to buy the scale, deadhead my roses, get Hubster to plant all the poor things that have been waiting in the backyard, and I'll freeze my ass off as I sit in my floatie in the pool directing him. Really, it's the only way we can do household improvement projects together.

I also didn't tackle my studio. I've got so much junk in there that I don't know where to start. I'd really like to get it organized. Since it looks like we'll be here for about three years, I need to make this place a home. That requires work, though. I'd rather be knitting.

I know I wrote a lot more in the original post, but since it's gone and I'm brain dead, I guess I don't have anything else to report. I'll be posting a picture of something tonight. What, I don't know. Maybe yarn. Maybe my spinning wheel. But I like to post pictures, and I have far too few on here.

My eyes are getting heavy, so I'm off to bed to try to sleep for a few hours. Have a terrific Sunday, and I'll speak with you tonight.

First, though, I have to read... uh... you know.


Denise said...

Hi, Pam!
I just read your blog from bottom to top and (as one who shares your "gravitational issues") laughed myself silly.
I know that Gabby will be very happy as your mascot--she does enjoy a good laugh! I just hope she doesn't feel insecure about her store-bought beginnings after seeing the beautiful socks you and your fellow bloggers create!
Keep on bloggin'!

SwissKnits! said...

We own Macs too. Here we call it The Spinning Wheel of Death.
Even the 4 year old calls it that.

iheartsnowcaps said...

Hurray for favorites! :) I have no idea how to do the favorites thing. I'm afraid I'm still fairly new to blogger. But once I figure it out, you will definitely be on mine! :)

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Wow! Three comments! Thank you all so much! I've only been doing this a few months and am slowly building up a readership, so I'm delighted when somebody takes the time to comment on something I've said.

Denise, Gabby will have a ball. She'll be featured much like the Harlot's sock is. She won't feel insecure at all - not everything here is handmade LOL.

Swiss, I love that name! I got it again today, too, but Super Coder (Hubster) fixed the problem for me. Easy, he said. GREP? What the hell is a GREP?

Snow, when you subscribe to someone's blog (at least in Blogger), the blog name comes up on the left-hand side of your screen. That's what I call my favorites. I add a whole lot more than I delete, and I only delete when the blogger isn't posting any longer. You'll get the hang of it! If I can do it, anybody can.