Saturday, December 8, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I've just discovered an indisputable truth about myself.

If I sit on the Monster and stare at the TV, even with my knitting in my hands, I WILL fall asleep.

Over and over again.

Which explains why this post is so late.

I finally dragged my big lard ass out of the Monster, gathered up the yarny goodness and other items which I needed to photograph, and got to work. Guess what? As soon as I stood up and actually began doing something, I woke up. No more spilled joe on the floor (which I did twice in 15 minutes out of two different cuppas). No more singed jammie bottoms (which I did once, but it didn't go all the way through, thank those who watch over idiots like me). No more drooling on my formerly clean jammies (that went down the crapper last night when I drooled, spilled, dribbled, and did any and everything else that would make them grubby). No, I feel... awake. Wow. What a concept. So this is what it feels like.

I've gotten nothing done today. All I've done is dozed, slept (in bed - another strange concept), dozed, tried to drink coffee, dozed, read my mail, dozed, drooled, blah blah blah. So here it is, 11:15 p.m., and I'm finally getting around to doing this. I'm such a loser sometimes.

But I do have some pretty pictures for you!


Starting from the top is Alpaca Plus (no color name; #600), and C*EYE*BER* Fiber in "Fall Foliage" and "Brimstone".


These are by Hill Country Yarns in "Grape Crush" and "Shasta Daisy".


These beauties are by Spritely Goods in "Militia" and "Marble".


My camera really isn't tilted; everything just sort of tipped a little right before I took the picture. This is an assortment of hand saviors from Northern Essence.

None of these will be in my shop. They're all bordering on commercial (well, Northern Essence IS commercial), and are much too large of companies to be there anyway. But I just got them from The Sweet Sheep, The Loopy Ewe, and Northern Essence itself (as opposed to buying their stuff through Woolgirl), so I thought I'd show them to you.

I really have cut down on my spending. Hubster took pity on me this morning during one of my periods of lucidity and fiber-buying withdrawal, allowing me to buy a skein of yarn (I snuck in a second heh), so I have five more things left to arrive from Etsy. After that, it's just sock clubs (many of which I've cancelled) and donations from friends (sad, pleading look). Yeah, right. Like I need any more yarn.

I took a good look at my stash and have made a few preliminary decisions as to what's going to go. I'm putting all my STR in the "Stash Must Go!" section of the shop, Lorna's Laces, and Opal. Just with those three, we're talking about 300+ skeins. Of course, they won't all go up at the same time; I'd crash the server. So I'll put them up as I see fit, mixing them so that I don't have just one kind there. I'm also culling out some of the indies. It's not that I don't love them; it's just that the probability of my ever using them is nil. I know that I'll be putting up my Jitterbug as well. It's not an indie, but it still needs to go. So if any of you are looking for a particular color in any of those, you'd better holler before I put them on the site. After they go up, I'll price them accordingly - not what I paid for them, certainly, but I won't be giving them away (well, I'll be sticking random skeins of kindness in some of the boxes that go out). You never know what swag you'll get with your orders. Just a teaser. :)

Hubster has dished out a teaser of his own. We're going ice skating outdoors in San Francisco (I don't know if I mentioned that or not). Wednesday is our 16th wedding anniversary (we've been together over 17 years), and I know I told you we're spending the night in the City. I don't know which hotel - they're all gorgeous down by Union Square and in the Financial District - and we're doing some Xmas shopping in the Square (and maybe in the Embarcadero Towers - drool). Anyway, there's a huge open-air ice rink right there, so we're doing that Wednesday night. I haven't gone ice skating in over 25 years. This should be a hoot. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on my ass sliding around. It doesn't matter - I think it'll be a lot of fun.

So in preparation for winter, we went to Target last night and got me some sweats (since mine are all old, ratty, and full of ciggie burns). I got some of them for $10 - Hanes, even - a long sweater, a regular pullover sweater (why don't I knit my own? because it would be next winter before I finished it), sweatshirts to match the bottoms, and two movies. Oh... and a Bay Area Thomas Guide. The total? $350. Yep. I almost crapped right on the floor. How in the hell did that happen? They were cheap! Yeah, I bought about six sets plus the sweaters, but $350?????? Do you know how much yarn I could have bought, the clubs I could have joined, the fun I could have had? I could have played two hands of blackjack or hit the dollar slots 175 times. Shit. This is why I hate buying clothes. They're so damned expensive, even if you go to a crap store like Target. Hubster is just lucky that I didn't go to Nordie's or Macy's like I usually do when I buy clothes. The haul would have cost him ten bills. At least they had women's sizes instead of those dinky junior sizes. I can't even cram one thigh into both legs of a junior-sized pair of pants (well, it would be impossible anyway because I couldn't get the fuckers up to my thighs in the first place). So now I have ice skating clothes, clothes to wear to the prison (I had to be really careful about the colors I bought, and that was damn near impossible because most of the colors they had were the ones I can't wear), and enough winter shit to last me for another five years. I guess when you break down the cost that way, it's pretty reasonable. But the yarn! And we're going to the City where there are yarn shops!!! SHIT! I'll have to be really nice to him on Wednesday night, which means I'll get him drunk in the room and then knit when he passes out. When he wakes up Thursday morning and I want to go to the yarn shops, he'll think we made whoopie and be a happy guy. Heh. I think the ice skating is going to be enough of an effort to keep him from wanting to mambo on the mattress. I know, I know - I should want to ravage his body. But I'm tired. I'm old. And I just don't feel like it on these stupid meds. Good thing his meds do the same thing to him.

So Monday is prison day, which means we leave tomorrow for Folsom. I really don't mind the drive too much - he drives and I read out loud to him. It makes the time go by fast. And Monday after I'm done at the prison, I get to have a manicure and pedicure. I miss those so much. I used to go every other week and sit in the big vibrating chair with my dogs stuck in a tub of warm, sweet-smelling water and have my feet, legs, hands, and arms massaged with sweet-smelling oils while the rollers in the chair massaged my back, shoulders, and ass. Heaven. Besides, I miss seeing the gals who have taken care of me for the past six years. It'll be wonderful. Hubster? He sleeps in the car while I'm in la-la land. It works.

So that's it until Monday night, kids. Hopefully, I'll have some prison stories for you. I'm also going over to the Yarn Review page and updating that tonight before I get to my knitting, which is going along swimmingly for a change. I'll take a picture of that Monday night.

Hm. I wonder if I can smoke while I'm skating.

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