Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Another Thursday

First of all, I've updated the Yarn Review page. I've been getting a lot of letters thanking me for it, so it's going to be something I'll update at least a few times a week.

Before I begin blabbing, here's a couple of photos of some yarny goodness and even a little swag.


This picture contains a bag of moth repellants from Scout's Swag (the more you buy, the cheaper the individual price becomes); a pair of sock blockers (also from Scout's); the "Chaos" yarn which is shown in an earlier post; Perchance to Knit in "Sugar Maple"; and a pair of hobo gloves I had custom-made from Suzanne of "knithappens".


This picture has BungalowBuns in "Jewels of Autumn"; and OneSheepHill in "Cheetah".

It's been a quiet day, one in which I've dozed, knitted, worked on the computer, and begun to work on some Christmas presents. Wow... exciting day, huh?

I've also begun cutting down on my sock clubs. Some of them I'm keeping; the majority of them, I'm not renewing. Hubster has lowered the hammer again; I'm on yarn restriction. Anybody want to have their yarns reviewed? Send me a skein and I'll review it and knit you a sock for your website. Actually, a few people are doing that, so it's not completely a joke. Hubster looked at me and said, "You'll get yarn one way or the other, won't you?". I just grinned at him and told him I couldn't help being a yarn ho.

It would appear that my disease is in full-bloom again. My joints are locking up on me, and my hands and feet are freezing at night. Those gloves in the picture above are a blessing. Suzanne worked closely with me to make a pair that fits "like a glove". Since they have the finger stubs, they don't catch on my knitting or typing. I love them. I usually sit cross-legged in the Monster, but when I'm like this, I have to sit with the footrest extended and my legs stretched out. Those hand-knit socks (especially the angora ones) sure feel good!

I'm back in my reflective mood. I guess the holidays put me in it. I think of holidays past, when friends and relatives all gathered for huge parties and dinners. Most of them are gone now; the huge dinners are a thing of the past. I look at the pictures and cry. It's also getting close to the time when my Grandpa left me. That really makes me cry. Time doesn't heal all wounds; it merely lessens the pain and allows one to go on. At least I have the memories and got to have the dinners and gatherings; many people aren't as lucky.

I'm truly sorry for the lack of anything funny to say and no stories to tell you, but it's been quiet as can be around here. Hubster is taking a nap; I'm working on my Sock Savior socks; the weather is calm; nothing at all is going on. I'm going to go back to knitting as soon as I finish this, and that will make up the rest of my evening. Maybe tonight, I'll actually get to climb in my bed; it's been close to three weeks since I've been in it. I keep falling asleep in front of the computer or in the Monster, and when sleep comes, it comes with no warning. This morning found me with a crease going diagonally across my face from forehead to mouth and the left half of the keyboard imprinted on my cheek. I'm such a lovely creature, it's no wonder Hubster stays with me.

On that incredible visual, I'm going to go back to my knitting before my hands cramp up and I have to put it down. I hope you're all having a lovely evening. Keep your fingers crossed that I'm able to get a lot of work done tonight.

Before I drool all over my knitting.


Marin (AntiM) said...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

I hurt for your hurt, physical, emotional and yarnical.

Reading of your medicals makes me ache all over. You know I can't imagine what you go through every day, and I know I can't imagine what you go through every day, but I try and I have to say *something*. So... sorry, can't imagine, ouch, I wish I could help, can I help?

You know, I wake up almost every morning and still wonder how I can survive today without my mom. I can't tell a lot of people that. You'll get it. So... thanks and sorry.

Some day when we're not so bleak, I'd like to pick your brain about sock clubs. I like getting yarn in the mail, but I like the swag part a lot and... well, I have my druthers.

Be better.


Anni said...

I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down. At least you've got good memories of loved ones. That's important.

Love the yarn and I love your yarn review blog. I'll be popping over regularly for a read. YOu must be the queen of indie dyed yarn.

Kristy said...

Do you love the Perchance to Knit Sugar Maple in person? I love everything I've ever gotten from Susie and I've been contemplating the Sugar Maple, too.

I'm sorry to hear about your health concerns. You will be in my thoughts. Hopefully it won't cut into the knitting too much. ;)

Pam Mann said...

Kristy, I left you a comment on your site about Sugar Maple. It boils down to my saying that you should definitely buy it. :)