Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Finally Happened

I never thought I would see the day, but it's arrived. What am I talking about? In a minute.

First, some more yarny goodness from the Yarn Fairy and the YFIT.


These are Dream In Color Smooshy in "Blue Lagoon", numma numma Toasty in "Boysenberry Preserves", numma numma Toasty in "Grape Jam", and Yarn Nerd in "Jewel of the Nile".


These lovelies are The Painted Tiger in "Koi Pond", and Dragonfly Sock Yarn in "Let It Rain".


Last but not least, we have Lavender Sheep in "Sexy Chocolate Cherry", Vancalcar Acres Flock Sock in "Random Rainbow", Madelinetosh in "Ginger", Liisu Yarns in "Waves of Memories", and Liisu Yarns in "Woolgirl With A Twist".

So what am I bitching about tonight?

I was doing so well. I had the ability to look at Etsy without ordering anything (well, nothing much). I could look at bags, notions, patterns, and all other manner of knitting swag without so much as twitching. What happened?

We went on vacation. I got back in the habit of spending money.

But that's not really the problem. The problem is that I've lost track of which yarns I've photographed and which ones I've posted. I can't tell anymore when I look at a skein if you've all seen it or not. I can't even tell which yarns are in which bins.

In short, my stash has gotten out of control.

You have no idea of how it pains me to type that. I'll say it again: "MY STASH HAS GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL.".

I'm usually an organized person when it comes to things like keeping track of how many needles and which sizes I have, which types and colors of yarn are in which bins (I even have some bins dedicated to certain yarns), which projects are in which knitting bags. But somewhere along the line, I've failed. I began buying yarns from new dyers, yarns from old favorites, yarn yarn yarn, and instead of taking a picture of them immediately, I started stacking them on the dining room table (I had run out of room in my bins). Then I began sleeping a lot and running out of good light for pictures. So today, I took pictures of the yarn which has arrived during the last three days. Hence, the problem.

Since I also have the yarn review page, I have to take individual pictures of the yarns in the groupings which you see and write a review for each of them. That means I have to have the yarn right next to me so I can record the information off the ball band. It's gotten complicated because I was on vacation, then I got sick, and I didn't do anything with the reviews. Now that everything has calmed down, I'm starting to write them again. But I have so many to write that it's going to take me a few days to catch up. That means finding all the yarn that needs to be reviewed, getting the pictures on the page, writing the specs, the review, blah blah blah. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

So what am I going to do? I'm going to finish putting together a package that I have to send out, put my yarn in the two new bins Hubster bought for me (heh), go to KFC for dinner, and get ready for tomorrow (Monday is my day at Folsom Prison, which means that we're spending the night in Folsom tomorrow). Will I get to the reviews tonight? I'm going to try. But I also want to knit. I finally figured out this bitch of a pattern and am not going to let it defeat me. I've finished the cuff; now I'm getting ready to tackle the leg. Who cares if it's the fifth time I've tried it? So I'll do the very best I can with the reviews. It's a good thing I'm up all night; that means I can put on some music and just sit here typing.

The other thing that happened today was that I fell asleep in the Monster again, right after Hubster went to bed. I was rudely awakened by some dude who was knocking on doors asking if we needed any work done on the house. I'm sure the house needs lots of work done, but I'm not paying for it. At least this time, I didn't have on jammies with my tits hanging out; I had on my trusty sweats (it's raining and cold - YAY!). What freaks Hubster out is that our screen door doesn't lock; anybody can just push it open and walk on in. I probably wouldn't hear them. At least I'm armed with sharp knitting needles and even sharper embroidery scissors. I just hate getting awakened by a stranger when I've been drooling all night, have myself twisted in a weird position (I guess I should be happy that I'm still flexible - it makes things more fun for Hubster), and am clutching my knitting for dear life. Oh well.

I wanted to thank all of you who commented on my last post and sent me letters for your extreme kindness and love concerning the loss of Monkey. It made me cry and touched my heart that so many of you care. I love all of you and am very fortunate to have you as friends.

So that does it for tonight. I'm off to KFC, since I hear Hubster growling over in the corner like a caged bear. Then I'll tackle the rest of the night's chores. At least I got quite a bit done today; it will make tonight go smoother.

No post tomorrow night. I'll be back Monday night with Tales From the Prison.

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