Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Another Day in Pamland

I can't believe it.

I really do have a bed that can be slept in.

In fact, I slept in it until 6:30 p.m. Granted, we did go to bed late (or early this morning, depending on how you look at it), but I got a solid eight hours of sleep. I just can't believe it. In fact, we would have slept longer had my therapist not called asking where I was. Hubster answered the phone and sounded like he was loaded. Then I groggily fell out of bed, pulled on my sweats, and stumbled out into the front room. Hubster went and got the mail, bringing in a huge stack of boxes. Was there anything there I could show you? Nope. One skein of yarn in the bunch. The rest consisted of a pair of sock blockers, a gift for my Loopy Ewe swap pal, some patterns, and that was about it. I've got a lot of yarn on order that should be arriving any day (tomorrow, hopefully), so that I can regale you with yarny goodness and update my yarn review page with. But alas, not today.

I feel good today. I know it's late for me to be blogging, but it's the first chance I've had to do it. I had a ton of e-mails to answer, some stuff I had to do around the house, and after this is done, I have to make dinner. Yep. Another day in the life of Pam.

Hubster and I have made an important decision. We're going to try and adopt our granddaughters. Our daughter isn't spending any time with them - she has a new boyfriend (oh yippee - maybe I know him from Folsom Prison), so she's with this assclown as much as possible. She has the bad habit of latching on to any guy who shows her attention. So my little ones are left without a mother to care for them. It's a big step, but one we're ready for. We already have a notarized paper from our daughter that gives us custody of the little monkeys; now we just have to convince her that this is best for them. We're afraid that she'll marry this fucktard and want to play mommy. She can barely tie her shoes, let alone care for two active children. Sure, I'm not well, but I won't stand by and let those children be neglected. My mother and grandmother are far too old to be raising kids. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I could have done something but didn't. So there it is.

I got so many lovely letters from people inquiring about my health and feeling bad for me. Thank you so much. You have no idea of how much I appreciate your concern. I'm doing okay. Pain is a part of life; I just have a little more than a lot of people. We all live with the cards we've been dealt, and since I have a shitty hand, I won't bet a lot. But that's why drugs were invented. Better living through chemistry, I always say.

Enough maudlin crap. We're getting ready for Thanksgiving, which consists of my making macaroni salad and some cookies to bring with us to my mom's house. I know her house will be hotter than hell, so I'm wearing shorts. Yeah, I know - shorts in November. It's only getting cold at night, so I can get away with it. Besides, if I wear jeans, I'll be uncomfortable. I live in sweats all winter long, but in her house, no way. I'd have sweat running out of every pore - not a pretty sight or feeling.

I'm finally feeling like I want to put this shithole together and make it a real home. If we're getting the kids, I sort of have to, but I haven't felt like it since we got here. We may have to get a small storage unit to put our stuff in - the stuff we don't need right now. I'm just tired of living with boxes everywhere and not having my cooking utensils in plain sight.

I'm casting on for a new pair of socks tonight on those incredible Golding needles I got. These are for another swap pal, and the yarn I'm using is... well, pretty incredible. I'm using one of the patterns I got today. It's just too pretty, and the yarn will go perfectly with it. My other socks are coming along like a champ. I'm at the heel now, so I'll be turning that when I get tired of working on the other ones. I have to do the gauge swatch for the new ones first - a step I really don't mind. I always buy way more yarn than I need so I don't have to knit with kinky yarn that I've unwound from the swatch. I don't swatch for lace knitting - who cares how big a shawl is going to wind up? Besides, I always try those on as I go. Socks, though - if you have the wrong gauge and knit them too small, you're screwed.

I'm feeling a little out of sorts because I'm not teaching anymore. There's no LYS anywhere nearby that I could teach at. Oh well - it saves me a lot of money on paper and ink that I would have used for handouts, not to mention the gas I'd use driving over and the wear and tear on the truck. Hm... I think I'll point that out to Hubster. Maybe he'll let me buy some yarn LOL.

Oh well - time to go make dinner. Keep your collective fingers crossed that some yarn arrives tomorrow so I have something to show you. Otherwise, I'll have to dig through the stash and find some stuff I haven't shown you. Gee... I wonder if I have any yarn to photograph. Like I said in an earlier post, I crack myself up sometimes.

That's okay. I'm easily amused. And forgetting everything within 10 minutes has its' benefits. I can hide my own Easter eggs now.

And there's never a rerun on TV.

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Megann said...

You are such inspiring woman. Your blog posts always make my day. Your grandkids are very lucky to have the two of you. It's a big undertaking and you have a heart of gold!