Friday, October 12, 2007

A New Blog For Yarn Reviews!

Dear Readers,

I've decided that instead of using my regular blog for yarn/book/shop reviews, it would be better to have one strictly for that purpose. To that end, I have started another blog. You can find it at:

Yarn Goddess Yarn Review

By doing this, I can use my regular blog for my twisted humor and Yarn Fairy pictures, and keep the other one strictly for reviews. This way, everything will be in one place. I'll continue to use my regular blog for destash pictures until I get back from vacation; at that time, I'll either open up a destash page or use the pages already established for that purpose. Please be aware that the new blog is under construction; it will evolve as I get the time to work on it.

I'll be posting later today with a "real" post, complete with pictures of yarny goodness from the YFIT. I also have stories to tell you. Here's a hint: they have to do with the phone and buffalo.

Until later today after I wake up...

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Megann said...

Fabulous!.. and bookmarked.