Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Destash Page

Welcome to the Destash Page! I will be listing all the yarns I currently have for sale along with their prices and specs.

This first batch is all Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I will be adding to this page every day and removing yarn that has been sold. If you see it here, it's still for sale.

The prices on Lorna's are $15/set of two (you need two to make a pair of socks - these are matched dye lots). For the rare skeins that are singles (such as contrast colors), they are $8/ea. Should I have three of them, you may elect to buy a set of two; all three are $21. If not specified, all yarns come in pairs. I do not want to break up sets; should I do that, then the next person who wishes to buy that color will not have enough to make a pair of socks. PayPal is preferred for payment.

All skeins have been kept in a locking plastic bin with moth deterrent sachets of lavender. They are protected from pet hair, smoke, and all other odors. I am a smoker but do not smoke anywhere near my yarns; they are kept in my studio (with a closed door), which is a completely separate room from where I work.

The specs on Lorna's are:

Content: 80% Superwash Wool, 20% Nylon
Put-Up: Approx. 215 yds.
Gauge: 7 sts/in
Needle Size: 0-1
Weight: 58 grams
Care: Machine Washable; Dry Flat

Color: Hawaii
Color No.: 212
Dye Lot: 3823

Color: Downy
Color No.: n/a
Dye Lot: 4072

Color: Daffodil
Color No.: 204
Dye Lot: 7225

Color: Indian Summer
Color No.: 9741
Dye Lot: 0851

Color: Desert Flower
Color No.: 100
Dye Lot: 5467

Color: Envy
Color No.: 207
Dye Lot: 3592

Color: Country Christmas
Color No.: 206
Dye Lot: 7273

Color: Whitewater
Color No.: 86
Dye Lot: 8145

Color: Bucks Bar
Color No.: 142
Dye Lot: 5742

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