Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts and Babbling

I don't really have a lot to say today, but I thought that I would babble anyway.

Yesterday was prison day. We decided that rather than put Emma in a kennel for three days (they're not open on Sundays, and we wouldn't be home in time to get her Monday), we would leave in the morning and come straight home after my doctor's appointment. Hubster set up her playpen, made sure she had her bed, toys, water, blah blah blah, and off we went. Even though I'm normally up at that hour of the morning (5 a.m.), it seems different when you have to shower, get dressed, and get in the car to go somewhere. I was dead tired and slept for part of the way. Amazingly, we got there right on time (who knows what traffic will be like?), and Bill was waiting for me with the golf cart.

The lesson went well until one of the men voiced his displeasure at playing jazz. For reasons I won't go into, I had to shoot him down (obviously not literally, since I'm at home). After a 15-minute rampage, he backed down. Then I had to set another man straight - this one a Crip - so by the end of the lesson, I was a bit tired. After all that, I had to get blood drawn and go to the pain doctor. Oh fun. I slept all the way home, so I can't tell you about the lovely scenery. Well, actually, I can... think flat, brown, and cows.

The doctor called this morning and told me that my thyroid meds are too high, so she's lowering them. Great. I've lost some weight, and now I'll probably gain it all back. The good news, though, is that my sugar was down low, so she's not going to do anything. No needles, no pills, no nothing. Yay!

Emma continues to grow like the proverbial weed. She's almost her full height right now, but her head and chest will continue to grow for two years. She's going to be huge. I burned my leg with a ciggie yesterday (the joys of falling asleep while you're smoking), and it was blistered by the time we got home. Emma was so excited to see us that she bounced onto my lap (it's a good thing she didn't bounce on my chest, or she would have shot across the room), scrabbled with her paws on my thigh to get up on my shoulder, and tore open the blister. Sigh. Now I've got a leaky burn wound that hurts like a bitch.

Then today, we went to get my new dentures. Good news - I can eat real food again! Bad news - they hurt. It reminds me of when I had braces and they would tighten them. I have to get used to them, since they're made differently than my old ones and fit tighter. I have to go back tomorrow to get something adjusted. I think I may be taking a LOT of extra oxycontin tonight.

As for knitting, the socks are going well. I'm using a fantastic yarn from my shop by handkraft, which is made of 50% silk and 50% merino. The color is called "Grass". It's a tone-on-tone and has a slight sheen from the silk. The pattern I'm using is by Knitspot called "Luxor". It's simple as can be and makes a spectacular sock (knit and purl diamonds). I've not done a short-row heel (I usually use a heel flap), so this will be new for me.

Other than that, there's nothing at all going on. We've had delightfully cool weather (in the 60's), but it's supposed to warm up this week. I don't think it will be as hot as it was some weeks ago, though, so I suppose we'll all live. Emma was out in the backyard and eyeing up the pool, so maybe I'll have to buy her a lifejacket so she can swim. Bullies swim like stones, but if I can keep her afloat, it will be a blast to swim with her.

Time to go knit before I fall asleep. Sorry for being so boring, but my life is kind of quiet for a change.

Three oxys, and I'll be quiet as a mouse.


Bezzie said...

YOu HAVE to post pictures of Emma in a lifejacket! Too damn cute!

Syd said...

I am so stoked about your blood sugars!!!! Yippppeeee!!!! going though all that crap right now too...So I can really celebrate your wondeful news!!! Hmmm will have to ck out that yarn....sounds yummy! Wuz you Emma!

Laura Neal said...

Go buy yourself some Foille ointment to put on that burn. Dad was a welder and we always had a tube of it in the house, it works well. Glad to hear that you are doing well with your sugar! Hope those dentures feel better after the fitting. Pet that bullie for me.