Monday, July 7, 2008


Just a quick note to let you know that there is a 15% sale through Friday at Yarny Goodness:

Everything is on sale, and I've added a lot of new vendors. I've also updated a lot of existing vendors. Come on by and see if there's something you might like - things are already moving!

And that ends this public service announcement.

The other thing I wanted to say is thank you to everyone who commented about my little snoring pot roast. :) I tried to write to each of you, but some of you have your email addys hidden. That's not conducive to letter-writing. To those of you whose addys I do have, you'll be hearing from me - probably later tonight.

Right now, we're under a massive heat wave, and Emma can't take temps much above 80 (when it hits 90 in San Francisco, you know we're all ready to die). We're well above that, and with no A/C in the house, we're all suffering. We're going to buy her a little plastic wading pool because Bullies can't swim well. Because of their shape, they swim like rocks - at least, most of them do. We could sit in the pool with her and let her sit on the top seat of the steps, but that water is COLD. It would be too much of a shock to her little system. So maybe later tonight, we'll hit Le Target and get her a pool of her own.

Right now, I'm going to peel off my clothes, sit in the tub, and knit socks.

After I have a cuppa, that is.


Laura Neal said...

I know you are so dying in that heat! Fill your bath tub with some ice cubes. That would help out! I have been zooming around in my car with the top down and the a/c cranked up! It is hot here, too!
There is a coolaroo bed for dogs out there, it lifts them off of the ground so, air can circulate under them. You might try that one as well.
Pet the snoring pot roast for me and give her a big kiss!

Syd said...

Oh man, I remember the heat in the bay area! That humidity adds such a load to it! A kiddie wading pool is perfect for Darlin'Pot Roast AKA Emma.....poor baby snooks! Now being in AZ my poor Lucy really suffers (Sheltie) so I give her ice cubes to chew on like bones...she loves them and it does help to cool her down. You can also put ice cubes in her drinking water....Well Pam, seems you and your baby have the same intolerance to heat...might be time for a small one room A/C unit? Some how it is easier to justify it when more then one suffers....besides you would only have to use it during heat waves which doen't happen ALL much there.
Give Emma a cuddle for me!