Sunday, July 27, 2008

Late as Usual

I just wanted to let you all know that the update I had planned for tonight/tomorrow isn't finished yet. Most of the items are photographed; I have to finish the logging and tagging, and then I'll write the descriptions and upload everything. I'll finish it up during the day and evening on Monday. I'm just exhausted tonight (and, in fact, just woke up), so I don't want to work on it while I'm this tired. That's when I do stupid things.

Something strange also just happened. Hubster went running out of the house (I was typing a reply to a Ravelry flame war), and then I heard him demanding answers from someone in the driveway. I went to the front door and pushed Emma back (I didn't want anybody to see her), and when I got outside, there was some guy backing away from Hubster and babbling as fast as he could. It turns out that he was on his belly and crawling under our truck; he told Hubster that he thought he had lost his wallet either in our driveway or under the truck. What? I asked (loudly) if I should call the cops, and that's when the dude said that we could write down his license plate. Hubster told the guy to give us his name and number in case we found the wallet (cough). The dude said his name was Mike and that he didn't have a phone. Then he backed up as fast as he could, jumped in his car (where someone was waiting behind the wheel - the engine was running), and they burned rubber getting out of here. I don't know what the hell the dude was doing, but he was up to no good. Now I'll have to stay up all night to make sure he doesn't come back (I'm worried about Emma). I'm truly bothered by all this and wish now I had called the cops and had Hubster keep the dirtbag here. Hubster didn't get a description of the car they were driving, so there's nothing the cops could do at this point.



Polly said...

I'm sure you wouldn't either, but I never EVER let Petunia outside in the front by herself. She is just too tempting a target. I want to take someone to small claims but I am hoping he has forgotten my address-- he admired Petunia a bit too much for my liking. Because of this, it's not worth it to me to go after him you know?

kathyinoregon said...

Maybe they were going to try stealing your gas? Or does your car have one of those easily stolen catalytic converters? Those thefts are happening frequently in Oregon. The sell them for the metals they contain

Syd said...

Yea I thought the same thing as Kathy, that they were going for the gas...but keeping Emma inside is like WAY Phoenix there was a rash of Bull Dog Nappings a few months ago...very popular dog and the scums are breaking into back yards and houses with the doggie doors!

All and all what you went though is very upsetting....thrilled Hubby saw the creep!

Bezzie said...

That is Weird with a capital W.

At first I thought "Maybe he's stealing gas." But not from under the car. Then I thought "Maybe he's stealing the copper from the catlytic converters..." One of hubby's AA buddies had this happen DURING the AA meeting!

But I know a few people who have had their purebred non-mutt dogs stolen.

Who would steal any of those three things is beyond me!!