Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Ready to Explode

You know, there are days when things are so fantastic that you can't believe your good luck. Then there are days when things are so shitty, you can't figure out what you did for the karma gods to take a big dump on your face.

A few days ago, things were fantastic.

I got a call from the doctor - the long-awaited call with the results of my spinal tap. There is no indication of cancer (bone or otherwise), the things floating in the fluid are little pieces of the damaged discs (expected), and it appears that the auto-immune crap has stopped for the time being. What does all that mean? It means that I don't have cancer and am in remission. We were both so happy that it seemed as if we had finally made it over some hump. Then it all came to a screeching halt today.

Hubster told me last night that Cisco was giving a lot of people the axe today because they're trying to save money by getting rid of groups and highly-paid employees. He thought he was safe because he didn't get an email telling him to report to HR for a meeting. I guess whenever you see someone from HR in a meeting, it's not a good thing. He did, however, have his weekly one-on-one with his bitch boss. So at 11:30 a.m., he went into his meeting. At 11:35 a.m., he came back downstairs, looked at me, and said, "Well." Huh? Then he finished the statement:

"I lost my job."

WHAT? WHAT?????????? After giving 15 years to that fucking company, all the vacations we couldn't take because he had to finish a project, all the times he stayed up working all night, all the trips we had to take the computer on because he had to work... well, you get the picture. He developed a tool way back when which was meant just for him. It turned out to be something which the entire company used. Hubster tried to copyright it (that would have meant Easy Street for us), but we were told that since a year had passed and the company was using it, it was no longer available for copyright. That little tool is still being used today and has saved the company BILLIONS (yes, that is millions with a "b") of dollars. Did we see a cent of it? Nope. In fact, I think that year he got a less than stellar review. This year, he didn't even get a bonus because they were trying to save money so they wouldn't have to lay anybody off. I'm telling him to tell them that since he's been canned, they obviously didn't save any money, so he wants his bonus. Shit. We did NOT need this right now.

The only decent thing about it is that he gets six months of severance: two months of work and four months of job searching. As far as he's concerned, his job ended at 11:35 this morning. For the first time in years, he's not working. In fact, he's not doing shit tonight. Neither am I. We're both in shock. I think it will sink in tomorrow.

So I called my mother to tell her, and the first thing she said was, "What are we going to do?". We? I pointed that out, and she said that she didn't mean to sound cold, but we owed her money. I came unglued and told her not to mention certain things to Hubster, to leave him alone, and that he wasn't going to be talking to her for at least a few days. After that fiasco of a phone call, I told Hubster that now we know why we moved down here. Silicon Valley is going to be a sea of empty houses because there will be thousands of people with the same skill sets looking for work, and there are no jobs available. Most of the companies are outsourcing to India or bringing in unskilled young people. They're getting rid of women over 40 and highly-paid engineers like Hubster - the people who built the company. They raped us and are now disposing of us like a used tampon. The people coming in won't know what the fuck they're doing, and they'll get paid dick (but to them, it will seem like a fortune). Down here, there are a lot of job opportunities, and Hubster is also toying with the idea of starting his own company. We also have the option of moving out of state, which I would hate to do, but I go where he goes. This is just so fucked up that I'm immobilized.

Enough of that shit. Let's talk about something a little more enjoyable.

I just got approved for a credit card machine for Sock Summit today. I didn't go through a bank, which means I didn't get one of those portable hand-held machines. I've seen those things fail miserably, especially inside concrete buildings. No, I went with my iPhone. They have a contract with a company who handles the transactions. I just type in the numbers of the card, and it gives me instant approval/declined. In fact, it works just like every other credit card machine except that it does more. I can sync it up with my computer, and it automatically records the sales, removes the items from inventory, transfers money directly into my checking account, etc. I applied for it last night and was approved today, so I bought the applications this afternoon and downloaded them onto my phone. At least that went right.

I also got my bike listed. Sigh. At least I rode it onto the driveway, gunned the engine (wow!), and almost dumped the damn thing because our driveway slopes down, and I was sideways. But we got the pictures taken, I filled out all the forms, and now I just keep my fingers crossed that someone will want her. She's such a gorgeous piece of machinery. But especially now, with Hubster having lost his job, we need to simplify. So much for saving money and looking at other houses.


There's my hot bitch.


Another picture of the sexy beast.

I had to start that sock over - the picture in the post before the questionnaire - because I dumped an entire cup of coffee on it, and it was totally destroyed. It was okay , though. I'm using this killer yarn from an artist I found who is coming onboard in the shop - the colors are incredible, and the way everything blends and flows makes it look as if it's moving and breathing. With the design of the sock, it's going to be incredible. This is for a customer who has become a sister, and we seem to be making each other socks all the time LOL. I just got the final element for a really special pair for her. I might cast on for those tonight, as well as another pair (I can't say too much because she reads the blog). I'm in the mood to cast on a bunch of projects. I'm sure there are many of you who feel the same way.

Things are beginning to pour in for Sock Summit. I got about 10 packages yesterday (well, so three of them were for me), and I'm expecting about 30 more. I don't think I'm going to add anything new to the shop before we leave; it's a waste of time and effort, since I have to put everything in a spreadsheet for SS. If I weren't taking the shop, then I would; however, since the shop is going with me, it's double the effort. Besides, this will give me a lot more stock and will also sell my artists' work a lot more efficiently.

So that's what's going on. I've been sitting at this damn computer all day, so now I'm going to go knit for the rest of the evening. We have a new ant invasion upstairs and I can't find the spray, so Hubster will have to deal with it when he gets home. Poor guy. If he's not cleaning up a mess at work, he's cleaning up one here.

Oh wait. He doesn't work anymore.

That one is going to take some time getting used to. Shit.


Sue said...

That's great about the results of your scan!

About that other news, blech. I can totally sympathize. I got laid off today, too.

On the upside, more time for dyeing... I'll have a package in the mail to you Monday. Sock yarn and lace yarn.

Bezzie said...

Holy hell, are you KIDDING ME? Dude, you're the only one I know who can have their "Hooray I don't have cancer" parade shit on!

That said, you guys are scrappy and honestly I really don't think anything can keep you both down. Job vibes heading your way!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many things to comment on! Congrats on being cancer-free! That rocks!

Sorry to hear about your husband's job. I really fucking hate corporate America. And they wonder why everyone is so disloyal - hmmm. Starting his own business might be a good option.

LOVE your bike! DH just got a Road King a few months ago and we sold his Sportster to a friend, but I've often eyed some of his (shorter) friends' Sportsters and said, hmm, I think my legs are longer than theirs even at 5'1" and I could handle that bike. It would be fun to have a bike too. Food for thought, I'm not really ready to pull the trigger on another purchase. It's amazing how well bikes are still selling though, you should have no trouble.

Hang in there!

Laura Neal said...

Love your bike, she is quite beautiful! I am so happy that you don't have cancer! Yay!

I hope hubster gets a killer job with lots of benefits, etc.

Pet Emma for me. :)

Marin (AntiM) said...

Remission: Yay!
CISCO: godfuckingdamnit

SwissKnits! said...

Yeah !!!!! for being cancer free!!!

I am just in shock about Hubsters' job! I hate this economy and the helpless hopeless feeling I seem to be getting more and more often...Prayers that he finds a job quick!! or is able to start his own business...


Jeanne said...

You know, maybe it's a sign from Above that Hubster is supposed to start his own company. Why not? Now IS the time. Six months of severance... I'd say, DON'T get used to his being unemployed. Get right into the business venture.

And, hold off on the bike for a minute. If you can. You might be surprised...

SO GLAD about the good medical results!

Syd said...

The health results has me over the moon! Many prayers are being answered!

Hubby's job loss sucks, Mine has been out of work since Nov. so I do know how much it sucks, but a 6 month severance is heaven sent! (yes, I know he deserves it and more, but now days ANY severance is a blessing) When my workplace was closed in Jan I thought I was going to die and that we would be on the street, but in a few months things got a bit better and we are hanging on.

Grab the good, and leave the crap behind. All we really have is right now, and right now your in remission and cancer free. It is just a new door opening,

Secret said...

First of all, I am so happy your test came back negative and that you are in remission. That is wonderful news. But I am sooo sorry about your hubby's job. That is horrible. Unfortunately, in this economy, companies are not being very ethical. I will keep my fingers crossed that sometime good will turn up for him.

Sounds like you have a lot of work to do for SS! I am sure it will be a ton of fun....and maybe a good time to forget about the job stuff.