Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Day, No More Money

Good lord. I just looked at the date of my last post and realized that it's been well over a week since I last posted. I'm such a loser sometimes.

So what's been going on down here in the shithole? A few things, actually. I decided that since I just sit in the hotel room doing nothing when we go to Folsom for prison day, I needed a laptop to take with me so I could work. It's just too dark in those rooms to knit, but a computer... well, I might just be able to finish this shop update. So we went to Best Buy last night and found a Compaq Presario with all these bells and whistles, a 17.4" screen, and all kinds of software preloaded for only $600. I was shocked. I remember when Tandy computers with 256K were all the rage, used floppies, and cost over a grand. Wow. So I snatched it up (it was the last one; I suspect that its last year's model, but who cares?), bought a nice carrying bag for it, and I'll play with it tonight so I can work on this trip. We have to stay for two nights because of a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, but who cares? Now I have something cool to play with. Hubster is going to help me get it all set up so I can use it in conjunction with my iMac. I wanted a MacBook something or other, but they're twice the price, the screen is only 13", and I just didn't see the point when I could get so much more and use it for the business. Besides, I can write it off. So I'm back in the world of PC's (just for those times when we're gone), and I'll do the bulk of my work on the iMac. Hubster is loading a few different browsers on the new one (I don't know what to call him yet, but he's a graphite color and very sexy, very fast, and very lean - just how I like my cars) so I can see how things look on different computers. I think it was a wise business move, especially for the price.

I'll still bring my knitting along, though - I can't travel without it. I bought the coolest bag when I was at Article Pract with Karen of KaratStix fame last week - it looks like it's made of those needlepunched rugs - so that's the one I'll stuff my socks into this time. I'm almost to the toe of my first swap sock, so I think I'll make this swap deadline. For a change. I'm also bringing my Firebird socks from the Vancalcar Sock Club. They're so cool, and I'm dying to cast on for a pair for myself. So those are my end of weekend/beginning of the week plans. Ain't they a hoot?

I also get to go to the dentist next week for two root canals, new crowns, and hopefully the beginning of the miracle teeth. It's going to hurt like a bitch, but I suppose no pain, no gain. It's also horribly expensive. Why is everything so damned expensive these days? It's like dentists think you're made of money, and if you can't afford it, you can always take out a loan at some ridiculously high interest rate. I don't know what's worse - paying the interest rate or begging my mother to help and then listening to her hound me about the money. Sigh. Sometimes, I absolutely hate life.

This morning, I got about two hours' sleep while Hubster finished cleaning the house (he's a terrific housecleaner). He came to wake me up, and I reluctantly crawled out of bed. Once I had my snowman jammies on (think I'm hanging on to winter?), I tried to exit the bedroom. Bad move. I went careening out the door, slammed into the wall, bounced across the hall, hit the other wall, and cartwheeled my arms to try and catch my balance. Nope. Down I went like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, it was all in slow motion, so I didn't hurt myself. I'm such a comical bitch sometimes. Last night, though, while I was putting away skeins of yarn (holy fuck, I've got a lot of yarn), I must have turned my wrist just right and twisted it. It hurts. A lot. Does it stop me from knitting or doing anything else important, like typing? Nope. But every time I move my hand, it sends shooting pain up my arm. I couldn't believe it. I got injured by a skein of yarn. I have to remember not to buy that dyer's work anymore. It has teeth or something. You know... like some snatches. Bearded cannibal tacos is what they are.

Hubster just got up from his nap (I should have taken one while I had the chance), so I guess it's time to begin working on the shop again. We didn't get my car in for an oil change or smogging, so my registration is going to be late. Oh well. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. He was so tired that I didn't want him sitting there and falling asleep in the waiting room at the gas station (yes, we have one of the last remaining gas stations that actually services your car - sort of). I also have to wash the thing. It's got sycamore leaves and tree shit all over it, and I don't want sticky sap or paw prints all over it. Then the cover goes on, and I'll probably kill another battery by not driving it.

In any event, we're off tomorrow for Folsom, so I won't post again until Tuesday or Wednesday. If you place an order before then, it won't be filled until Wednesday. I'm sorry, but I'm always so wiped out from those trips that I need the night we get back to recuperate. I promise that vendors will be going up while I'm gone thanks to Thor (that name just popped into my head - it's better than Nosferatu and easier to spell). I'll see you all on Wednesday.

If I don't fall off the balcony at the hotel or get attacked by a bearded cannibal taco.

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Bezzie said...

Holy crap. I pay $1200 a mo. in rent. I would crap my pants and call the moving company if the landlord wanted it all up front for a year. Whatever!!!

and $600 for a new laptop--nice!!!