Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Too Old For This

What a crappy couple of days.

To begin with, the Yarn Fairy hasn't brought any yarny goodness for the past two days. So instead of being pictureless, I decided to dig in one of my original stash bins to see how my stash has evolved. If this yarn isn't out of my first bin, it's certainly one of the first. Feast your eyes.

In this pile are offerings from Lisa Souza, Scarlet Fleece, All Things Heather, Thank Ewe!, Perchance to Knit, and Heavenly Creations by Karen. I still buy a few of them, but others are dinosaurs in that I either haven't seen them for sale, or I just don't buy them anymore. They're gorgeous, though, and one of these days, I'll get around to knitting them up.

On the yarn sale front, I've sold very few skeins of the Lorna's Laces. I still have to finish inventorying the Opal, which has turned out to be an even bigger job than I first thought. The third Rainforest collection is now out, and I haven't even gotten around to writing down what's in the first two.

The pain doctor went fine. I saw him for a grand total of one minute. He asked me if the magic pills were working, I told him yes, he handed me my new scripts for the next three months, and that was the end of it. Then we headed to the yarn store. It was fun seeing the people I haven't seen in quite a while, but I really didn't buy much of anything. I did snag two skeins of Bearfoot (which I didn't take pictures of because you all can look at it anywhere) in one of their new colorways (dark purple, black, yellow, and some others) instead of going autumnal or bright. It will be nice to have dark socks for a change. Other than that, I bought a booklet and some notions. That was the extent of my buying. Oh... and I yelled at them for not calling me to teach their sock class. In their newsletter, they said they "finally found someone". Blow me. I've been here all along.

Then we hit the casino. I might as well have blown money out my ass at people on the street for all the money I lost in the slots there. I know the machines in these places are tighter than Reno, but I've actually hit some good jackpots there. Not last night. I couldn't hit anything to save my soul. Neither could Hubster. He lost at blackjack, which he's usually really good at. We had a good burger for dinner; that was the most exciting thing to happen - that and getting new cards with some free play on them, which I promptly lost. We didn't get home until really, really late, which is why I decided to post today. I was hoping the Yarn Fairy would bring something to photograph. No such luck.

The other day, I realized that tomorrow is the TKGA conference. Not only that, but I'm taking classes for the next three days (three more days of evening posts - I'm sorry). The worst part is that I have homework to do, so I had to run out, buy worsted weight yarn (I just don't have any), and get the notions I needed. Tomorrow is a class on Continental Knitting (which I've never learned how to do), Friday is Fine Finishing (an all-day class), and Saturday is learning a bunch of new cast-ons and -offs. I had signed up for a class on Sunday on free-form knitting, but I just don't feel like taking it. The funny thing is that Nancy Wiseman is teaching all the classes. She's going to think that I'm stalking her. So that means that not only do I have to finish my homework, I have to get laundry done so I have something to wear to class. I'm looking forward to the market - hopefully, they'll have some yarny goodness that's just too good to pass up, or some really cool notions that I can't live without. I signed up for these classes months ago. Do you ever sign up for stuff that sounds really fun, only to realize when the time comes for the event that you really don't want to do it? I do this all the time. Oh well - at least I'm taking most of the classes I signed up for. Hubster is driving me so I don't have to fight the Oakland traffic or park my car in the garage. Speaking of Hubster, he just got home from work. Yay!

So the night before last (the night after the gigantic monster attacked me), we got home from doing errands, turned on the light, and what do I see booking across the room? Yep. The devil incarnate himself, hauling ass right towards the Monster. And then it went UNDER the Monster. I screamed and climbed on top of the dining room chair. Of course, Hubster didn't see it, but he took my word for it. He lifted up the Monster, and the nasty little bastard ran out from under it toward the hallway in the back of the house. This time, he saw it. He banged on all the furniture with his foot and the flashlight while I was cringing on the chair in the dining room. I finally told him that it was probably in the hallway, so he went back there (we still have boxes stacked back there - there's simply no room for their contents), and began whacking the boxes. Sure enough, the thing was hiding there. So he put the card table across the opening to the hall and began pulling out the boxes. I heard all this scrabbling and Hubster whacking things (and swearing), and then I heard this infernal squeaking (SHUDDER!!!). Hubster had managed to catch the beast as it was trying to jump over the card table. I ran over, pulled the card table out while Hubster had the blazing monster wrapped up in a towel, and he ran out into the backyard. The creature met its demise under his Birky. Whew. What a horrible evening. For those of you who think we should have just released it, I was afraid that it would come back in. Cruel, perhaps, but at least it was dispatched quickly.

I wasn't able to work on my socks last night because I've been busy doing these swatches for the finishing class. Actually, it's kind of nice to do some mindless knitting. I'm looking forward to the classes (I think; I'm not a class person), and I'm really looking forward to the market. The weather is nice, so I can sit outside and have a smoke or ten. It'll be nice to get out of the house to go somewhere other than the usual spots, too. The only thing that worries me is my weird sleeping schedule. I'm going to try and get to bed somewhat early tonight so I can actually get some sleep and get up like normal people. Heh. That'll be a miracle.

So that's been my life the past few days. The beast's relatives didn't come visit me last night, so I'm hoping that that's the end of the devil saga. If not, I'm willing to sacrifice another one of my dish towels (why he grabbed one of my new ones is beyond me). Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow brings goodies and fun and a good class that I don't fall asleep in. Maybe I'll have stories of strange knitters to tell you about. I get a goody bag from Coats & Clark and another one from Lion Brand, I think, for being one of the first 500 to register (or something like that).

Oh boy. Lion Brand yarn and safety pins.


Marin (AntiM) said...

1) I live in fear that your mouse and my spider will form an unholy procreative union and produce shudder-mongering eight-legged, web-spinning mice. With rabies. That can walk across ceilings.

2) If you blew money out your ass at people on the street you'd be very popular. And you could probably end up on Letterman.

3) I'm glad your pain doctor went so... effortlessly. The concept of having a pain doctor awes and frightens me a little.

Kellie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Scarlet Fleece. What colors are those? Is that all you have? I love me some Scarlet Fleece. Hard to keep in stock at that loopy place.

Check out this blog, seriously. You two thought I was kidding about the scorpions.

Imagine if that mated with your mouse/spider rabies infested creation. OMG now Im completely freaked.

The money out the ass thing is funny, but I would more like Lorna's out the ass. Man that would be a money making scheme wouldn't it?

Hope your classes are fun :)