Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Shop News... and a Decision

I wanted to lay a few things on you, my dear friends.

First, the decision between a Vespa and a Harley has been made. I'm buying the purple Sportster. :) Thanks for the comment, Bez - I think it's really cool, too. :)

The other thing is that I've received the most incredible work from all my new artists. Hubster is sleeping right now - he's as tired as I am - but he'll be taking pictures tonight. Today, I received some beautiful work from another new vendor who not only sent yarn, but little kits in holiday tins. That's all I'm saying about that. Then there was another box...

Woolly Boully is in the house! It's a merino/silk blend in the most gorgeous colors; if I manage to actually part with it, it will be a miracle (of course it will be listed, but it's fun to think about keeping it all). Since I put artists' work up in the order received, it will be a week or so before it hits the shop, but for you fans of her work, I've have it in the shop very shortly.

Back to reading. I can't even knit because I can't see the stitches.


Oriri said...

Yay purple!! <3

Late congratulations on *your* house too! January will be here before you know it! My thoughts are with you guys for when the packing starts!

I hope you get some sleep soon, too - you sound busier than I am!!

Bezzie said...

Hee! Now you just need to get a matching sidecar for Emma!