Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SP12 Question No. 2

In the spirit of being a good secret pal person, I'm playing along with the questions of the week. Here is the second one:

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

This was a tough one, mainly because I've been out of school for so long (32 years since I graduated from high school) that it took some real thinking (and you know how much that hurts). I decided to focus on high school instead of grammar school, because all I did in grammar school was sleep in, go swimming, and watch TV. Wow. High school was more interesting, mainly because of two things:

Boys and cars (and not necessarily in that order, but usually utilizing both at the same time).

Summer meant being able to go to a lot of parties (either with a lot of other people or private ones), going to the drive-in on a warm summer night and being able to rip off my uh... uh... let's skip that one...

Going to the fair, concerts at the Oakland Coliseum (Day on the Green, for those of you who lived in the Bay Area during the 70's and were a teenager then), being able to stay out really late, going to Santa Cruz to the Boardwalk and swimming in the ocean, vacations with the family (ick), and finally getting my own car (a '55 Chevy BelAir, all restored, jacked up in the back with Monroe gas shocks, and with slotted dish mag wheels) into which we crammed a bunch of people and went cruising with the 8-track blasting out of the two dinky speakers on the rear deck (and we all thought we were so cool). We would cruise through Livermore (their high school's mascot was the Cowboys - lots of ranches there at that time), and would yell out the window, "Come ride me, cowboy!". Oh geez.

Now I'm just hot and miserable and wait until winter comes around again. I could go cruising in my T-Bird with the top down, but I never know what will happen when I drive now.

God. Those were the days.


Syd said...

Oh my GAWD!!!! Day on the Green!!! Wow, now that brings back memories!! (gulp, some were real blushers) As well as Santa Cruz in the summers...Dang...I wish we had known each other back had a 55 Chevy?!? I REALLY wish we had known each other then!!!

Yea Pam, those really were carefree days. Thanks for the memories.

Laura Neal said...

At this point your secret pal is thinking...this woman is a freak! LMAO! I notice how everything goes to boys and cars. I need to get you that t-shirt I found for my friend....Save a Bull, Ride a Cowboy!
You just crack me up!

Polly said...

I remember one summer surfing up at Santa Cruz-- talk about a locals only surfing spot... they are rough of there!