Saturday, June 9, 2007

Where Has The Week Gone?

Sigh. I had such good intentions for this week. Take my knitting with me and work on it while I was away. Knit more at home. Start knitting earlier. Not get sick... again. Get the house completely unpacked and put together so I'm not embarrassed if someone comes over (read: my mother). Stop buying things on Etsy.

I've accomplished none of these things, and here it is, Saturday all already.

We bought some new furniture when we moved into this house, since our old furniture was... well... old. We had a few extra dollars to spend, so we thought, "Why not?" So I got myself one of those chair-and-a-half thingies to accommodate my big ass. And it does. Too well. I find myself waking up all the time with my knitting in my hands, or a cup of coffee turned upside down (caffeine has never done a thing to me - I have a cup of coffee before I go to bed). And I'm no further along on my knitting than I was a few days ago.

The good thing that happened this week was my sock class. It's filled with 10 women who, although some of them are struggling, are enthusiastic and happy and not afraid to pick up their phones and call me for help. This has been going on all week. I also offered a skein of yarn to everyone who finished their homework, and some more to the first person to finish their socks. Greed is a wonderful motivator.

The bad thing that happened is... well, I didn't get a damned thing done. We went shopping tonight and bought pool toys (since I left my old ones at the old house). I figured since today is supposed to be warm, I'd christen the pool and start tanning. So much for knitting during the day. I know what will happen tonight - I'll fall asleep in front of the TV, knitting in hand, yet again. I think maybe I should just float around the pool in my big floatie with my yarn in a floating cooler next to me so I can knit while I float. Maybe I'm on to something here. I can see it now - an entire bridage of knitters floating in the Bay or their backyard pools, knitting madly away until a sea lion comes up from underneath and topples you over (all in the name of fun, of course).

So now I have less than two weeks to make a small shoulder shawl for an upcoming class, get these samples out for my test knitting gig, and help with the house. It's just too overwhelming. I think I'll go swimming and then fall asleep.

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